About me

Please find the links above to my publications and presentations. I am sorry to say that I have not blogged much during the last year, so the blog tab is a rather inactive one. But I do continuously update the page with publications and presentations.

Please use this link to find my full CV.

I work as a Reader at Lund University in southern Sweden. I am involved in research on a variety of topics in the fields of risk and safety science, often related to the notion of resilience. I am also involved in establishing a research platform at the Lund University School of Aviation. I also supervise PhD students a variety of fields connected to risk management and societal safety.

Since January 2012 I am responsible for running the Master Program of Human Factors and Systems Safety from Lund University. The program is a distance-based program involving practitioners from different safety-critical industries and different parts of the world. The different courses are focusing on the new view of human factors and systems safety, accident theory, complexity theory, the ethics of safety, and to prepare the students for their thesis work we also have a course in research design and critical reading of scientific literature.

Apart from the research and teaching activities at the university I have my own company JB Safety Education and Consulting AB. Under the umbrella of this company I offer a variety of consultancy services, including accident investigation, the development of team training programs, and oversight of safety management systems.

I am highly interested in the ethical aspects of safety, including organisational (and societal) responses to failure as well as the governance of risk att all societal levels.

I hope that you will enjoy the content of this page.


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