Report from a keynote at the Norwegian Patient Safety Conference

Dear readers, this Monday I gave a keynote at the Norwegian Patient Safety Conference in Oslo. The slides are, as always, available at my presentations page. This keynote was also summarised by the Norwegian magazine Dagens Medisin (Daily Medicine), a summary which is found here. I think they really got the main points, which feels great. Always hard to know if a monologue is interpreted the way you intend to by the audience.

For those of you who are not into Norwegian, I actually tried to google translate the summary to English, and it does pretty well. Even though "bad" turned into "bathroom" :)


  1. Thank you for a great presentation. In your talk you referred to a statement from the Sweedish aviation authorities on their view on safety. Would you mind sharing this reference?

  2. Sure Morten! It is not the Swedish aviation authorities, but the British (NATS). You find the full reference here:


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