Visar inlägg från juni, 2014

SSEESS reports from a seminar where I introduced my research project

Dear readers, I have spent much of this spring trying to formulate the first findings of my postdoctoral research project (funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies, MSB ). I have worked on formulating the findings in research publications (a couple now in review processes) and I have also gotten the possibility to present the research in a couple of seminars and workshops. One seminar in which I have had the opportunity to present the project was one hosted by the Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences (SSEESS) . It was a highly interesting seminar in which the three postdoctoral scholars funded by the same MSB grant got the opportunity to introduce their project and the seminar then continued with further presentations and open discussions in more of a workshop setting. SSEESS has now summarised the seminar in a news article on their webpage and you are welcome to check it out. As usual, you also find my presentation-slides, entitled Is it all a neoliberal

New publication: Incident reporting in healthcare

Dear readers, I have during the past year been involved, as a co-supervisor, in a highly interesting PhD project focusing on the effects of safety interventions in healthcare. The first study in the project: Mind the gap between recommendations and implementation , is now published in the journal BMJ Open ,  an open access journal making the paper freely accessible for all of you. The study focuses on incident analyses from the Swedish healthcare system, and more specifically on the recommendations made in the analyses. The PhD student Jonas Wrigstad, himself an anaesthesiologist by profession, has asked the delicate research question "what are the success factors leading to some recommendations actually getting implemented?". The findings are actually rather fascinating and can most easily be summarised as "close in time, close in space". Check out the full paper for the details!