Visar inlägg från november, 2013

Studying societal resilience in Australia

Dear readers,
Since one and a half months (and for the month to come) I am located in Brisbane, Australia, as a guest researcher at Griffith University. I am here in order to work on my postdoctoral research project entitled Societal Resilience: An international discourse analysis. The aim of the project, which was granted by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), is to conduct a comparative analysis, of how the notion of Community/Societal Resilience is (or is not) established as an object within a broader societal safety discourse, in Sweden, Australia and Brazil. The three countries are interestingly different in political governance as well as in the kind of challenges to societal safety and security that they face.

The questions that I ask are inspired by a Foucauldian archaeology and include:
What are the "conditions of possibility" behind the constitution of community/societal resilience as a discursive object in Sweden, Australia and Brazil?Which statements are…