Time to apply for our MSc program in Human Factors & Systems Safety

Dear readers, it is autumn and again time to apply for our Master Program course starting in January 2014. In the Master Program in Human Factors and Systems Safety we currently have two parallel classes and we are aiming at accepting a new group starting in January. The application deadline is October 15 and the course will start with a five-day learning laboratory in Lund January 27-31. As a student you then follow our program over two years, mainly from a distance and at half-time pace in order for you to be able to keep working in your high-risk domain.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you might have prior to applying. Much more information is available at our program webpage.


  1. Dear Proff. Berstrom
    I am Lt. Col. Harar D. Mismar, from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, I am very interested in the MSc. Human Factors and System Safety, I am a Safety Officer and Investigator, I participated in establishing our current Safety Directorate in the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
    Is it possible to get in touch with you through email or other means to further learn about the course?
    Thank you for your help and concern.
    Yours truly,

    Lt. Col. Harar D. Mismar

  2. Dear Lt. Mismar. You are welcome to contact me at my university email: Johan.Bergstrom(at)risk.lth.se


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