Southern Sweden from a gyrocopter

Dear readers, it is summer! So, let's not talk about work-related issues in this post. Let me instead show you the region that I live in; the very southern part of Sweden, a region called Skåne. As some of you know I fly gyrocopters in my spare-time.

The specific gyrocopter that I fly is a german construction, an open-cockpit gyro called MTO Sport. We fly it on an ultralight pilot licence, in Sweden meaning that our maximum takeoff weight is 450 kg. The autogyro principle is really smart: basically a rotating wing which autorotates against the airflow as the machine moves forward. To move it forward we use a conventional propeller (in our case located behind the pilots). The gyrocopter has several advantages and some challenges. The main advantage is that the machine does not stall! Without forward speed it will just start to descend. The rotating wing continues to rotate and the machine will start to descend (well, actually we can hover, but that requires a headwind of some 15 knots). Also, because the wing surface is small compared to ultralight fixed-wing aircraft, the gyrocopter is not that sensitive to turbulence and wind. We can fly in up to 40 knots wind speeds and take off with 20 knots cross wind-component. It is also fantastic to fly - actually feels pretty much like flying a glider, but the gyrocopter turns much faster. For more information about the general principles of gyro flying, please check out this site.

But, this was not supposed to be a post about gyroflying (well, there will be youtube videos of gyroflying below), but about the Skåne region of Sweden. I have taken passengers with me a number of times now during the summer, and they all take beautiful pictures (credit here to my wife, dad and colleagues) - here are a few:

Preparing the machine
Måkläppen - a wildlife preserve at the south-western tip of Sweden

The construction of Max IV - a new physics lab in Lund

The city centre of Lund - the cathedral and the white university building clearly visible

It is first when overflying it that you realise that the main part of Lund is actually... a cemetery. Depressingly close to the university hospital.

Revinge by

The southern coast of Sweden

Ale Stenar - the stonehenge of Sweden - coming up

Falsterbo canal

The Öresund bridge. Connecting Sweden (Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen). 
The Barsebäck nuclear plant is now closed (the danes did not like us having a nuclear plant just kilometers away from Copenhagen... cannot imagine why :) )

The northern part of Lund. Parts of the science park Ideon and the Lund University Faculty of Engineering 

Sunset over the lake Vombsjön
And here is a video that I have edited following a fantastic evening over southern Sweden:

For a short introduction to gyro flying, and some different models, check this one out:

And here a coverage of my club!

Flying the gyro over Malmö in winter time:

This is also a mandatory clip:

And for in-flight videos check out the youtube channel of Roman (who taught me to fly the gyro!).


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