Video and slides of my keynote at Velocity 2013 in Santa Clara

Dear readers, last week I gave a keynote at Velocity, a conference focusing on web operations and performance. The keynote, entitled What, Where and When is risk in system design?, focused on the notion of risk from a more philosophical perspective outlining different frames of constructing risk applied to the domain of web operations and web performance.

The keynote was recorded and later also edited to also include the slides that I used. It is now published on YouTube, so here you go - a 26 minute introduction to the notion of risk:

If you would like to have a closer look at the slides, here is the presentation for you to click your way back and forth as you like (also available at my presentations page):

Connected to this keynote I also authored a blog post which was published by O'Reilley prior to the conference. Go check it out for more references connected to the concepts mentioned in the keynote.

I would also like to thank the participants at the conference for all your kind tweets following the conference! It was indeed a challenge to prepare this talk for a difference audience than the ones I typically talk to (and knowing that there would also be 2500 of you in the room!). 


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