Visar inlägg från april, 2013

I am in Svalbard!

Dear readers,

Not much activity here from me during this spring. But today I need to make one of my travel posts, because I am in Svalbard! Where is that, you might wonder? Well, basically it is as far from Lund as northern Africa - but in the other direction. This is the Norwegian settlement close to the North Pole where you need to bring a gun if you depart from the main city street (well, there is only one street here, so no need to call it the "main" street).
So, your next good question is why on earth did I go here?

I am here as a part of a Lund University delegation working for three days on finding areas of cooperation, within research and education, with the University of Tromsö and their Faculty of Science and Technology. Specifically we are working on areas of cooperation within aviation and human factors/systems safety. Our two universities  have previously cooperated in that Lund University School of Aviation has provided the practical pilot training for the pil…