Visar inlägg från april, 2013

I am in Svalbard!

Dear readers, Not much activity here from me during this spring. But today I need to make one of my travel posts, because I am in Svalbard! Where is that, you might wonder? Well, basically it is as far from Lund as northern Africa - but in the other direction. This is the Norwegian settlement close to the North Pole where you need to bring a gun if you depart from the main city street (well, there is only one street here, so no need to call it the "main" street). There it is; the street So, your next good question is why on earth did I go here? I am here as a part of a Lund University delegation working for three days on finding areas of cooperation, within research and education, with the University of Tromsö  and their Faculty of Science and Technology . Specifically we are working on areas of cooperation within aviation and human factors/systems safety. Our two universities  have previously cooperated in that Lund University School of Aviation has provided the p