Visar inlägg från februari, 2013

When the safety discourse changes

Who is currently moving the Swedish patient safety discourse forward? Scientists? Politicians? The National Board of Health and Welfare? Patients? Below I will argue non of these. Instead I will argue for a Swedish patient safety discourse currently changing rapidly thanks to nurses, doctors and journalists. For the better? I will not make that call. At least not explicitly. What is happening in Sweden at the moment is that the healthcare system in several regions go through a severe crisis. The explanatory accounts are many and interesting (we pay too little tax, the primary care is too limited in relation to the specialist care, the system just need to implement some lean production to become more efficient, with private care funded by tax money the tax money is actually transformed into profit leaving the country, etc.). Most stakeholders seem to agree that there are more patients than there are beds available, but the causal accounts are diverse. What I find interesting in thi