Another group of master students have begun their journey

I have an awesome job! This week I am hosting the first learning laboratory for our new students in our Master Program in Human Factors & Systems Safety. The new students represent industries such as health service delivery, oil and gas, aviation, air traffic control, shipping, railway, and fire fighting. The diversity and level of student experience is what makes this program so fantastic to work with - I learn so much from these students!

Together with three colleagues who are former students in the program I am this week tossing theoretical notions from the safety sciences out in the room for the students to play with, mix with reality and toss back.

I am really looking forward to spending two years following these students. A journey for us all I think.

Below four pictures from the class room. The first two showing Hans Houtman introducing a case study this Monday morning. The second two show the result of yesterday's results of the students' understanding about the old and new view of human factors and systems safety. They have some really elaborate knowledge already when starting the program, if you ask me.


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