I got a postdoctoral research grant!

Dear readers,

Last week I got a really nice announcement. I have been granted a postdoctoral research project that I applied for in the beginning of the autumn. The funder is the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the project that I have been granted is an analysis of the discourse of Societal Resilience in at least three different continents (including Europe, Australia and South America). This notion has been a growing one worldwide (e.g. with projects like this one) during the last couple of years and the two questions that I would like to raise are: what is going on here and why?

This takes me in a research path slightly away from research within the traditional Systems Safety-field and towards a more societal-level analysis. An interesting journey for me personally and one which is nicely aligned with other research projects conducted at my department. I hope to be able to conduct this project for around 50 % of my time, for the coming three years, leaving me room for working actively with managing the Master Program in Human Factors & Systems Safety and supervising PhD students in Human Factors, Patient Safety and Crisis Management. Lots of fun ahead! 


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