Visar inlägg från november, 2012

The master program continues

Dear readers, My department has today confirmed that we will accept a new group of students starting t he Master Program in Human Factors and Systems Safety in January 2013. As the director of the program I am really happy to give you these news since interacting in teaching with these students is the best activity ever for the young university teacher! I can throw theory at the students and they will without a doubt throw reality back at me. I love it! As the group of applicants does not account for a full class, we can also offer the possibility to accept late applications. You find the application details at the program website . Please note that the first mandatory activity of the program will be to participate in a learning laboratory in Lund, 21-25 January 2013. It will be loads of fun! Theory out, reality back :) We also have the possibility to join in only for our learning laboratories. In order to find out how to apply, v isit our website.