The dissertation presentation

Tomorrow is D-day. D as in Dissertation. D as in Defence. So, maybe it is actually DD-day tomorrow! Time for the dissertation defence and time for getting the possibility to give a 30 minutes presentation of the 4 years of work that lie behind the words of the thesis document.

And of course I have prepared a Prezi presentation for the DD-day, and of course I would like to share it with you dear readers before giving it to the audience in Lund tomorrow. The presentation is basically my mind-map of how the research process has evolved. The basic idea is to show how three research themes were selected and based on the same research rational, research approach and theoretical framework; all aiming at exploring organisational resilience in escalating situations. Coupled to the research themes are specific research questions and they are in turn coupled to the different studies in which they are addressed. The main findings for each of the different studies are presented and finally some synthesised findings and practical implications are given.

It might seem a bit strange how the path goes in this one. That is because I want the audience tomorrow to get a chronological sense for how the research process evolved. That is how I have selected the order in which the studies are presented.

That is it for now. I now have to rehearse the presentation one more time for my cat, who is becoming quite an expert in the subject by now.

Wish me luck - tomorrow is DD-day!


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