The week in Brazil is coming to an end

Dear readers, thought I should share with you some of the experiences from this week's learning laboratory in Brazil.

I arrived to Porto Alegre last Sunday, actually rather ill due to a nasty Swedish virus that got stuck. Had a temperature when I boarded the plane in Copenhagen, but the trip went ok. In Porto Alegre I was picked up at the airport by Guido, one of the research students at the faculty of Aeronautical Science here. Eder met up for a first lunch after which we spent the rest of the day in his appartement, just relaxing and updating each other of the latest news since seeing each other in Brisbane. Actually, this spring I have met my Brazilian friend Eder more often that I have met my own parents (in Sweden, Brisbane, Porto Alegre and in June again in Lund). Mum, and Dad: sorry for that. Eder, nice to see you again!

Then, also Brazil celebrates the Labour Day at first of May. So Eder and Betina were free from work both Monday and Tuesday. So, on Monday we headed for Eder's parents' apartment in the beech-town Capao de Canoa where Eder's dad had prepared a MOAB (for those of you who did not follow my blog in December 2010 when I last visited Porto Alegre that stands for Mother Of All Barbecues). He did a good job Mario in trying to kill us with meat. They seriously have the best meat in the world here! In Sweden I can well be a vegetarian just to save my 500 grams of meat per week (yes, not more than that - that is proven in recent research!) in a cumulative manner for my visits to Porto Alegre.

No more talking, here are the pictures!

Mario Henriqson working his shurrasqueira (that indoor-grill that the crazy Brazilians have)

It was a happy cow. And probably the most tender that I have had in my life.

The view from the little beach appartement

Mario cutting up the sausage. That starter-sausage that is soo good you actually run the risk of being full when the main course is put on the table (well, the first shorrasquo that is - I am more experienced than that!) 

HERE is what probably is the best meat that I have had in my entire life!
Ok, enough meat. Definately meat detox from the moment I am back in Sweden.

After a nice and calm Tuesday (ending with a great movie-session in Eder and Betina's appartement) I have been teaching each day. On Wednesday I got to borrow 60 undergraduate students on the Aviation Management Program that they have at the university where Eder works. During three hours we discussed team performance (the lecture slides are published at the presentation-page) and it was a really nice group with good questions, thoughts and remarks. The best quality-indicator suggesting that the group was indeed really well taught was when I asked the question if they could describe the nature and working of the short-term memory (in discussing the information processing-model of cognition). They had no clue and that I take as a great indicator of Eder really having built a nice course syllabus with lots of interesting content!

Thursday-Friday I have been teaching whole-days in Eder's sibling-program to our master program in Human Factors and Systems Safety. During these two days I have had the great opportunity to discuss Safety, Risk and Safety/Risk Management with some really fantastic students. Most of them are active pilots working for different airlines in Brazil. I have had great fun, and I hope that the students also enjoyed the sessions. Yesterday I forced them to read accident reports to search for indicators of different accident theories, and today I forced them to read two scientific articles that we use in teaching at the Risk Management Engineering-program at Lund University when discussing different views on the nature of risk. We rapped it all up with trying to make the case that the very nature of risk is socially constructed in a complex game involving multiple stakeholders arguing for different frames of what to include in the definition of risk. The point is never to find out which theory/perspective that is right and which is wrong, but to show the need for many perspectives, and the very definition of risk as an exercise in power. It comes down to 'who gets to say?'.

After today's session we actually recorded a little video on the topic of risk and I hope to be able to publish it here later.

Now, relaxing in Eder and Betina's departement after some long days of teaching. In the shorrasquo the sausages are being grilled as I write.

Life in Brazil continues for one more day. Tomorrow evening I am flying direct Porto Alegre-Lisbon - nice not having to go via Sao Paulo or Rio... messy airports. 


  1. Nice to know you appreciated your visit to Brazil and also PUC-RS students! Hope you look forward to your next visit. And for another churrasco, of course!


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