Visar inlägg från maj, 2012

Formal invitation to my thesis defence

Dear readers, again very welcome to my PhD thesis defence. The time is still 10:15 on 15 June in the lecture hall V:B, V-huset, John Ericssons väg 1, Lund. Faculty opponent will be Erik Hollnagel and it will surely be a couple of hours of severe sweating. The defence seminar will be followed by a lunch and a one-hour workshop in which you as the audience will get the opportunity to engage in interesting discussions with four prominent professors: Sidney Dekker, Britt-Marie Drottz Sjöberg, Inge Svedung and Kurt Petersen (unfortunately Erik Hollnagel has had to declare that he is not able to attend). The theme of these discussions will be: The research within Risk Management and Systems Safety in 2020; where are we heading? The formal invitation is found by clicking on this text.  Actually the thesis is now also properly published and available by clicking on this text . I am so looking forward to seeing you in Lund!

The week in Brazil is coming to an end

Dear readers, thought I should share with you some of the experiences from this week's learning laboratory in Brazil. I arrived to Porto Alegre last Sunday, actually rather ill due to a nasty Swedish virus that got stuck. Had a temperature when I boarded the plane in Copenhagen, but the trip went ok. In Porto Alegre I was picked up at the airport by Guido, one of the research students at the faculty of Aeronautical Science here. Eder met up for a first lunch after which we spent the rest of the day in his appartement, just relaxing and updating each other of the latest news since seeing each other in Brisbane. Actually, this spring I have met my Brazilian friend Eder more often that I have met my own parents (in Sweden, Brisbane, Porto Alegre and in June again in Lund). Mum, and Dad: sorry for that. Eder, nice to see you again! Then, also Brazil celebrates the Labour Day at first of May. So Eder and Betina were free from work both Monday and Tuesday. So, on Monday we headed fo