Visar inlägg från mars, 2012

Moderating a seminar: Independent assessment authorities

Dear readers, today I have a pause in the thesis writing. Instead I am heading for Norrköping, where I will take part in moderating a discussion at the Swedish Civil Aviation Department regarding their role as an assessor of the civil aviation actors. This seminar is one in a series of seminars arranged by the Swedish Society for Risk Sciences (where I am part of the board). In this series of seminars we visit five Swedish  authorities to ask them what role the tendency to establish independent assessment functions for various societal activities has had in their area of interest. This tendency (which is having  that we are interested in can be labelled "the arm length principle"and implies that any stakeholder with the task to assess any societal activity (like the one of transporting people through the sky) should be located at least an arm length of distance from the stakeholders being assessed. In the case of the Swedish Civil Aviation Department the bureaucratic solut

Tomorrow: Final seminar. It is getting close...

Back in Sweden since Sunday. Jetlag is not a problem, but the slush of southern Sweden that fell from the sky this morning is just not welcome. As a part of the dissertation process the PhD candidates at my department usually take their thesis manuscripts through an early form of dissertation opposition procedure. We call that a final seminar and is basically an internal seminar in which the colleagues of the PhD candidate (other PhD students, associate professors, supervisors) discuss an early draft of the PhD thesis. Tomorrow it is my turn to be the target for such a discussion. Actually feels a bit weird after having participated in a number of my colleagues final seminars it has no come to the point of my own. I guess that feeling will be even more evident on the day of dissertation. It is a good procedure with these final seminars. It feels nice having a number of colleagues going through the thesis manuscript to help out in trying to improve it. In that way the process of