Yesterday: Moral philosophy and the development of western culture.

Yup, that is life here in Brisbane! The learning lab was yesterday morning dedicated to a presentation held by one of the post-docs at the Griffith University's key centre for ethics, law, justice and governance. The theme was moral philosophy and he nicely guided us through different philosophical views of the act "killing someone for fun". A really nice introduction to theories such as virtue theory, deontology, human rights, and utalitarianism!

In the afternoon I went with Sidney, Roel and Eder to a lecture about the development of western culture. The thing is that Sidney last week left his job as a director for the key centre for ethics law ju... (well, see above) to become a professor at the department for humanities. Really cool job where one of his new tasks will be to teach the history of western culture and academic writing to undergraduates. An interesting task indeed for the professor!

So for today: we will dedicate the learning laboratory here to complexity. So I will do my "history of complexity"-talk, Roel will take over with the content of complexity theory, Sidney is, as I am writing this, introducing the notion of complex social problems (see picture below) and Jim will go through two articles on the topic of complexity theory. It will be a nice day!

Taken a minute ago. Cartesian algebra. It is so nicely organized :-) 


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