Tourist pictures from the weekend

Brisbane is a truly beautiful city! We have been doing the downtown city tours the last weekend and below are some pictures from that. Did not have much opportunities to update the blog last week. Mainly two reasons for it: (1) very limited time with Sidney taking us to all sorts of meetings, seminars, dinners... full schedule and great fun! (2) very limited internet connection (the Aussies wants pay for wifi!).

Anyway, today we have started this week's learning laboratory with Jim Nyce going through the origins (and different paradigms) of Social Science. Tomorrow we will do Complexity Theory - that should be fun!

Enjoy the pictures.
Copenhagen opera house or the museum of modern art in Brisbane?

Many bridges, and just as many bridge-designs, in this city

The business skyline

Brisbane or Mississippi, who knows?


These CityCats are part of the public transportation system in Brisbane

Eder having a relaxed time on the river cruise


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