Hello Subtropics!

After a 29 hour trip, here I am! I arrived yesterday morning (Brisbane-time which is 9 hours ahead of Swedish time) and after a short train ride to the city centre Roel met me up at the train station. Check in at my hostel, a shower and then a coffee by the man-made beach right in the middle of the city centre. Perfect start of the visit! Then we went up to see Sidney at the campus of Griffith University. SOO nice to see him again! We are very well taken care of here at the university. They even prepared a little office for me, Roel and Eder. Just like old Lund-days! This morning Eder arrived (after a 45 hour trip from Brazil… crazy…) and we are now enjoying some working time together in our temporary office.

Now lunch with Sidney and this afternoon we will hang out at his place, barbecuing in his outdoor kitchen, taking a swim in the pool and having a beer or two.

Still not jet lagged on my second day here. I am so made for traveling the world :-)
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