Enough slush and viruses - I'm off to Australia

Yes, I am! Two weeks in Brisbane to gather with my colleagues and friends Sidney, Roel, Eder, Jim and some previous as well as current master students. For this event, which I have indeed looked much forward to for a long time now, I have prepared a first draft of PhD thesis for the best critics that I know (Sidney, Jim, Roel and Eder really are) to dig into. It will be great to have them roasting it and hopefully coming up with nice ideas for contributions.

Then we should also have a learning laboratory with Jim drilling us in the social science classics, but of course we will mostly have a great couple of social weeks! Looking forward to bears and long conversations by the pool side. And hopefully some time to get to fly some gliders. Long time since I did that!

That's it - heading set for the land down under. And to you slushy country, I'll be back in two weeks. All tanned and healthy :)


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