Visar inlägg från februari, 2012

Yesterday: Moral philosophy and the development of western culture.

Yup, that is life here in Brisbane! The learning lab was yesterday morning dedicated to a presentation held by one of the post-docs at the Griffith University's key centre for ethics, law, justice and governance. The theme was moral philosophy and he nicely guided us through different philosophical views of the act "killing someone for fun". A really nice introduction to theories such as virtue theory, deontology, human rights, and utalitarianism! In the afternoon I went with Sidney, Roel and Eder to a lecture about the development of western culture. The thing is that Sidney last week left his job as a director for the key centre for ethics law ju... (well, see above) to become a professor at the department for humanities. Really cool job where one of his new tasks will be to teach the history of western culture and academic writing to undergraduates. An interesting task indeed for the professor! So for today: we will dedicate the learning laboratory here to complex

Tourist pictures from the weekend

Brisbane is a truly beautiful city! We have been doing the downtown city tours the last weekend and below are some pictures from that. Did not have much opportunities to update the blog last week. Mainly two reasons for it: (1) very limited time with Sidney taking us to all sorts of meetings, seminars, dinners... full schedule and great fun! (2) very limited internet connection (the Aussies wants pay for wifi!). Anyway, today we have started this week's learning laboratory with Jim Nyce going through the origins (and different paradigms) of Social Science. Tomorrow we will do Complexity Theory - that should be fun! Enjoy the pictures. Copenhagen opera house or the museum of modern art in Brisbane? Many bridges, and just as many bridge-designs, in this city The business skyline Brisbane or Mississippi, who knows? NIIICE! These CityCats are part of the public transportation system in Brisbane Eder having a relaxed t

Hello Subtropics!

After a 29 hour trip, here I am! I arrived yesterday morning (Brisbane-time which is 9 hours ahead of Swedish time) and after a short train ride to the city centre Roel met me up at the train station. Check in at my hostel, a shower and then a coffee by the man-made beach right in the middle of the city centre. Perfect start of the visit! Then we went up to see Sidney at the campus of Griffith University. SOO nice to see him again! We are very well taken care of here at the university. They even prepared a little office for me, Roel and Eder. Just like old Lund-days! This morning Eder arrived (after a 45 hour trip from Brazil… crazy…) and we are now enjoying some working time together in our temporary office. Now lunch with Sidney and this afternoon we will hang out at his place, barbecuing in his outdoor kitchen, taking a swim in the pool and having a beer or two. Still not jet lagged on my second day here. I am so made for traveling the world :-)

Enough slush and viruses - I'm off to Australia

Yes, I am! Two weeks in Brisbane to gather with my colleagues and friends Sidney, Roel, Eder, Jim and some previous as well as current master students. For this event, which I have indeed looked much forward to for a long time now, I have prepared a first draft of PhD thesis for the best critics that I know (Sidney, Jim, Roel and Eder really are) to dig into. It will be great to have them roasting it and hopefully coming up with nice ideas for contributions. Then we should also have a learning laboratory with Jim drilling us in the social science classics, but of course we will mostly have a great couple of social weeks! Looking forward to bears and long conversations by the pool side. And hopefully some time to get to fly some gliders. Long time since I did that! That's it - heading set for the land down under. And to you slushy country, I'll be back in two weeks. All tanned and healthy :)