Time to welcome the new master students to Lund!

And so at last it is time to welcome the new group of master students to their first learning laboratory here in Lund. They come flying in from all over the world this weekend and from Monday to Friday next week we will have an intense week of interacting and learning together.

This is the kickoff of the one-year master program in human factors and systems safety that the students will go through mainly from a distance. The study speed is half-time, so it will take them two years to finish. During these two years the students will take reading courses in the new view of human factors and systems safety, theories of risk and accidents, the ethical aspects of safety, qualitative method, and finally they will have the opportunity to use their own organizations as data sources for their thesis work. Three times over their first study year we will gather in Lund for one-week learning laboratories.

These one-week interactive courses are also open for participants that are not students in the master program). They are a great way to share experiences and interact with people of great experiences from different high-risk industries. The next possibility to attend will be in a four-day learning laboratory on the topic of the ethics of safety featuring no other than Sidney Dekker! That learning laboratory will take place on June 18-21 in Lund. You can already apply on our website.

Below I have shared two teasers from next week's learning laboratory. It is two presentations: one introducing the research field of accident theory and the other an English version of my previously uploaded presentation on the topic of the history of complexity. Other topics on the learning laboratory are the new view of human factors and systems safety, different perspectives of human (and team) cognition and resilience engineering. I hope that you will enjoy clicking your way through them.


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