New publication: Complicated, complex and compliant

A central part of my work concerns applying complexity thinking to understand (or interpret) normal (and non-normal) work in high-risk environments. In order to do so the first thing one must do is to argue for the need for such an approach and the benefits of applying it. That is what we have tried to do in a publication, that has now been published in the journal Cognition, Technology & Work, and that I am much proud of.

In this article we use the data that I have gathered during a couple of years of working close to the healthcare domain. Results form observatory studies, interviews and participation in debriefing sessions following serious incidents build up the argument that in order to understand the limits of compliance-based approaches to deliver care we need to understand the complexities of healthcare work and the paradox of using compliance-based approaches to manage complex situations. The conclusion is that with complex systems being resilient when they are diverse this should also apply to complex healthcare practice.

The question that the reader may find unanswered is how to embrace diversity. I promise, I will get back to that question in the upcoming thesis :)


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