Swedish presentation: Organisatorisk Motståndskraft i Upptrappande situationer

Today I attend a conference organized by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The conference is called "New knowledge for a safer society" and I am invited to give a short presentation about the research project on the theme of Organizational Resilience in Escalating Situations that I have been working in during most of my PhD project.

The presentation is not beautiful, but goes through some of the research-problems that we tried to address in the project and our means of addressing them. Simple as that (for those of you understanding Swedish that is). Mainly the presentation introduces safety as a system property emerging from the interaction of actors rather than the reliability of each individual actor (based on ideas from complexity theory and resilience engineering). In terms of what we have done in the project I went through the development of methodologies for team training and team performance assessment that we have developed and finally some of our theoretical work concerning escalation management.


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