Swedish radio about power relations and team training in health care

Today the Swedish radio show "Kropp och själ" (Body and soul) broadcasted a program about power relations, hierarchies, team training, and bullying in the Swedish health care system. Guests were Eric Carlström who has done research on roles and relationships in health care, and Petter Westfeldt who works part-time at the medical simulation-centre in Stockholm. I met Petter a couple of years ago and also did some activities together with him related to team training and I think that he did well in explaining the main challenges and possibilities.

I have never met (so I think at least) Eric Carlström, but I think he was great in the program! I will definitely have to read up on his work. He really nailed some of the main problems that we have seen when working with health care safety.

Well, I will not extend this to some review of the show. Instead I encourage you to take the time to listen to it. Here you go:

Lyssna: Kropp & Själ


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