"Från spexare till forskare": Presentation at the 25 year anniversary of the Fire Protection Engineering Program

Today I have been asked to give a short lecture at the 25 year anniversary of the Fire Protection Engineering Program, a program that I have once attended as a student, a program that is run at the department where I am employed as a PhD Candidate to do research and teach.

My topic, "Från spexare till forskare" can be translated into: "From actor in crazy student musicals to researcher". As a student I was heavily engaged in the Lund-ian traditional culture of setting up humorist musicals on historical themes. This gave me friends for life (and that is where I met my wife!), and was a great complement to my studies at the faculty of engineering.

Now, in today's talk I do not elaborate much on the engagement in student musical groups, but rather on the role of being researcher at the department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety, a department that has had a really positive development over its 25 years of existence. Today the department host 5 education programs (master and bachelor programs), and we have researchers conducting research within 5 main areas. This situation of the department at the end of 2011 is the main focus of my talk, and the talk's overall mantra is "diversity is a good thing".

Once again, sorry you international viewers, the presentation is in Swedish. I hope that you did find this introduction interesting. For you Swedes who attended today's talk, or those of you who did not, have fun clicking around the presentation!


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