The development of complexity theory

Today I have the opportunity to hold a lecture (in Swedish) on the topic: The development of complexity theory at the event "Ledningsdagen" in southern Sweden. It is a challenge trying to compress the fundamental ideas of complexity theory to fit a 90 minutes lecture. What I have done is to build the presentation as a time-line to explain complexity theory as a reaction to the mechanistic thinking of the enlightenment (applied in the organizational theory of the machine metaphor). Introducing the audience to chaos theory, quantum mechanics, general systems theory, cybernetics and postmodern philosophy (as a 10 minutes introduction... wish me luck!) we move on further to the emergence of complexity theory. To explain complexity theory I use the central concepts of the movement as outlined by Paul Cilliers (R.I.P). 

So after this introduction to complexity theory by placing it in a historical context, I will initiate a discussion about the application of complexity theory in command and control environments. After all that is what the "Ledningsdag" is all about. 

Have fun clicking around the presentation!


  1. I'll raise my hand to see things like this in English, if find the time to translate them! :)

    John Allspaw

  2. Hi John! Hopefully I will get the opportunity to give this presentation (or a similar one) in English. If that happens it will definitely come online. Stay tuned!


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