From Crew Resource Management to Operational Resilience

Dear readers, in June I went to the fourth Resilience Engineering Symposium to present the paper From Crew Resource Management to Operational Resilience (just click the link to get the paper) which was written by me and my two colleagues and friends Eder Henriqson and Nicklas Dahlström

Today I have the pleasure of going to Linköping to present the key ideas of the paper at the yearly meeting for Swedish CRM-instructors organized by the Swedish Human Factors Network.

My presentation is not the "we are doing it all wrong"-presentation. Rather a hint at towards where I think we should be heading with our future efforts in team training and team performance assessment. The paper (and presentation) argues for the need to embrace the ideas of complexity theory into our team training programs and to step away from the ideas of cognitive models and behaviourism - models that are not adapted to the complexities of normal work in any high-risk system.

The presentation is structured as the two perspectives shown in mind-maps. At the bottom you find the theoretical roots, in the middle their focus of study and at the top you find the applications of the two perspectives. I do hope that you find the presentation interesting enough to go and check out the paper :-)


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