I'm in a movie!

Well it is maybe rather to be called an informative film. Anyway, the Swedish Fire Protection Association (SFPA, or Brandskyddsföreningen in Swedish) asked me to participate in a film about responsibility for fire protection measures. I have held some lectures at events organized by SFPA and I have also supervised two master students in writing a thesis on the issue of how different stakeholders interact to establish a certain ("reasonable") level of fire protection in a society. The thesis, written in Swedish is available on the following link. Hopefully the thesis will also be published as a scientific paper later this year.

So, back to the SFPA-film. It is called "Who... me?" and I participate to problematize (got to love that word!) the idea of holding single individuals accountable, in traditional legal terms, for problems that are rooted much deeper into the complexities of the system as a whole. The film is in Swedish and if you are interested in responsibility for fire protection measures you should point your mouse at this location at the SFPA-website to order the 24 minute film for 1500 SEK. It also contains the story of Hotell Borgholm that was destroyed by a fire in 2004 for which the owner was later legally prosecuted and convicted for having caused the deaths (by not maintaining a reasonable level of fire protection) of two Norwegian tourists. A much too simple solution to a really complex problem involving questions like: What is actually a reasonable level of fire protection? How can an individual hotel owner know if he/she is maintaining a reasonable fire protection? Is our desire to make sense out of bad events so deeply rooted that we construct any event of fatal fire as a failure of maintaining a reasonable level of fire protection? How can the Swedish Rescue Services satisfy both the need to maintain their function as supervising authority as well as their own self-image as the nice fire-fighters?

In complex systems no single actor controls the system, but all actors influence the system...


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