Visar inlägg från augusti, 2011

A video of one of my lectures

Dear readers, I have the pleasure of being able to show you the video of a lecture that I held in March 2011 at the "Uppsala läns Landstings Säkerhetsdag". The lecture is in Swedish and to get as much as possible out of watching, please try to follow the slides (posted below the video) - because they were not captured by the camera. The lecture is on the theme safety culture and accident theory. I hope you will find it interesting. Johan Bergström om säkerhetskultur och olycksteori from Johan Bergström on Vimeo .

Assessing team performance

Much of my work is focused around issues of team performance. How to design training for team performance, and how to assess team performance. Regarding the question of how to assess team performance I have now a new publication to share. It was recently published in the journal Cognition, Technology and Work and continues the work that was published in a previous paper (the one published in the Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management). Please see my publication page for the full references. The new publication presents the results from a study made by the student Hanna Palmqvist at our master program in Risk Management Engineering. I, together with my Brazilian colleague Eder Henriqson, supervised Hanna in her work to develop a protocol for assessing team performance and test it in a pilot study. You might think that there must be several protocols for assessing team performance out there, and that is true. The problem is however that they are all based on behavioristic and m