Resilience Engineering

Currently listening to the final presentation at the 4th Resilience Engineering Symposium in Sophia Antipolis, France. Last Wednesday I presented a paper called From Crew Resource Management to Operational Resilience that I have written together with Eder Henriqson (see the Brazil-trip below) and Nicklas Dahlström (see the Dubai-trip below).

Resilience thinking is definitely a promising and encouraging way to proceed in the field of managing safety and risk in complex and dynamic environments. This symposium has focused on practical implications of Resilience Engineering (which is basically a 6 year old think-tank) and some of them are really impressive. However there is an obvious risk that Resilience becomes another folk-model that is discussed as "sufficient" or "deficient" in organizations. That was never the purpose of introducing the concept and I feel there need to be voices raised here to put forward that concern. We do not want to see the conclusion "poor organizational resilience" in any future accident investigation report.  


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