Life in Dubai begins

Three weeks of snow and darkness was enough to start with - I'm back in the summer! I have travelled to Dubai to do a week of collaboration with my old colleague (and master thesis supervisor) Nicklas who lives here and works as a human factors expert at Emirates Airlines (the crazy airline that only fly wide body aircraft, already owns 15 Airbus 380 and has options for like 100 more of them). One of Nicklas' challenges is to make 3000 pilots from like 200 countries work effectively together in the cockpit. Emirates flew me over here (in business class... on Emirates... shame the flight was not longer than 5 hours 30 minutes) to do crisis management simulations with the company's cadets (pilot students) as well as some of the human factors instructors that they have. We will do simulations Sunday (yep, weekend here is Friday-Saturday) to Thursday and I'll travel back to Sweden next Saturday.

Nicklas lives in an area where mostly Emirates pilots live. The first question you get on the street is not "from what country are you?" but "Airbus or Boeing?".

Yesterday evening Nicklas and his two children took me to Dubai Mall. It is one of the biggest shopping malls IN THE WORLD, making it... really big. Malls in Dubai are not only shops and restaurants. There are also ice rinks, amusement parks and ridiculously big aquariums.

For dinner we were lucky. The Australian barbecue restaurant that we chose had a table at the balcony. From there we had a perfect view over the tallest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa (828 m high, 190 floors) and also over the water fountain shows that they have once every 30 minutes. I have attached a video of one of these shows (different ones to different music every time - the one after this one was accompanied by Thriller).

After dinner Nicklas' children dragged us to the indoor amusement park and before I knew it they had me sitting locked up in the rollercoaster.

Today we will go to the Emirates headquarters to prepare for tomorrow's simulations.

Life in Dubai continues...

Hockey rink inside the mall.

Waterfall inside the mall.

The rollercoaster at the amusement park. Inside the mall.

Huge aquarium. Iside the mall.


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