Last day in Dubai

Life in Lund has begun! Arrived yesterday evening after another niiice flight with Emirates back to Copenhagen via Frankfurt (last leg with SAS... not as nice as Emirates... not even close).

My last day in Dubai I went for an own tour to the old part of the city. I visited the city museum which gave a great and broad picture of the history and development of Dubai. I attach some pictures. I also went to see the activity at the Creek; the water which is the link between the Persian Gulf and the old parts of Dubai. It is crazy traffic going on on the Creek with boats looking more dangerous than cardiac surgery taking people from one side of the Creek to the other.

After my visit to the old city centre Nicklas took me and his kids to a really nice hotel buffet downtown Dubai. A great end to a great stay in the city of life!

Tomorrow I am facing the reality of work in Lund again. Actually it is really nice to be back - I'm really looking forward to see all my colleagues. After all I have not been there since travelling to Brazil on November 14. Three different meetings are booked already tomorrow to get me back in the saddle.

Life in Dubai has ended - life in Lund continues...


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