Sunnier in Porto Alegre - now with some of Tanja's pictures

Today we are back in Porto Alegre. The beach vacation did not really turn out as expected. When we got to the island Santa Catarina, supposed to host the best beaches in Brazil, the weather changed. After 6,5 hours in a really nice bus we arrived to a cloudy Santa Catarina (the main city Florianapolis) on the Friday evening. From there we took lokal buses to the little village Pantano do Sul in the southern part of the island. There we found the pousada that we had booked in advanced. It was really cheap and in terms of standard... well, we got what we payed for. The pictures looked nicer than the place smelled...

So on the Saturday we were up for spending some time on the local beach - a really nice one. The southern part of the island has kept its nice atmosphere of small fishing villages rather intact. Turist restaurants for at the beach, sure - but still a nice genuine feeling. However the weather was not suited for burning scandinavian skin. Instead we spent most of the afternoon at a local restaurant drinking fresh fruit juices and reading nice books. In the evening I was happy to finally get to eat fish.

The Sunday was the only day during which the weather allowed us to stay on the beach - and so we did! The sun was partly behind clouds so we could actually stay longer in the sun than 30 minutes - nice!

On the Monday (our last day in the vacation paradise) we had the worst weather during my entire five weeks in Brazil. Rain the entire day. I think we did 10 hours of playing card games in our pousada - despite the weather it was a really nice day of vacation with nice friends. Yesterday we did another 6,5 hours of travel in a really nice long distance-bus and were back in Porto Alegre around 20:30 in the evening. It was really nice to see Eder and Betina again and we had another great social evening. I will miss them... probably going back here in the end of June.

We were really bad at taking pictures during this trip. But I have now uploaded some taken by our travelmate Tanja.

Today we took a walk to see the botanic garden of Porto Alegre, one of (rather few) tourist attraction in the city. It was a nice and big garden with Southern American vegetation, beautiful butterflies, turtles and sunshine.

Tomorrow is our last day in Porto Alegre. These five weeks passed soo quickly. But I'm totally looking forward to glögg, pepparkakor, elda brasa och snö :-) Tomorrow evening we will probably arrange our farewell party at a restaurant serving great Brazilian food.

Life in Brazil continues... for another day...


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