Why a blog?

So, why do I start this blog? Well the reason is that tomorrow I'm off to Brazil to meet up with nice colleagues and friends! Five weeks of which three will be devoted to work; a conference, a learning-lab week with Sidney Dekker and the anthropologist Jim Nyce, and hopefully we will also be able to spend some time on data collection for research on team performance in escalating situations. The three weeks of work will then be followed by two weeks vacation in the early Brazilian summer - nice!

Back to the main question; why a blog? I thought that if someone is interested in seeing what we are up to in Brazil this would be a nice place to share it. Maybe I'll continue to blog about my research after the trip - who knows?

So tonight bead time is early. The taxi is picking me up at 04:30 in the morning. Take off from Kastrup at 06:50, and around 22 hours later I'll arrive in Porto Alegre. Bye autumn!


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