Sidney Dekker - the rock star

So the last two days we have been busy with the International Seminar on Safety in Complex Systems which was organized by our host Eder. There were more than 350 attendants and the main attraction was of course Sidney's speech - the grand finale of the seminar! And what a nice show he gave the spectators! Two hours of human error, complexity and towards the end discussions of justice, ethics and governance. I will miss him when he now leaves us in Lund for his new position as director of the Key Centre of ethics, law and governance in Brisbane, Australia. A natural move though - he has been continuously drifting from human factors and systems safety towards post-modern philosophy in topics of criminalization, ethics and governance. It will be fun to follow his new new advancements. 

Tomorrow the learning-lab starts by Sidney leading a discussion in just these questions: systems safety, complexity, justice, ethics. On wednesday Jim Nyce will take over and deepen the discussion about the history of social science. It will be a great week! 

Quote of the day must be:

"Although it is not possible to conceive of the Law without incorporating some notion of justice, justice itself is not a legal concept. Justice can be understood, if somewhat elliptically, as achieving and maintaining non-exploitative relationships amongst the members of a society without destroying the differences which constitute the society. Law is necessary to achieve this, but justice does not reside in the law itself, it manifests itself in the nature of the contingent relationship between people, and is therefore an ethical concept." 
(Cillier, P. (2004) Complexity, Ethics and Justice. Journal for Humanistics, 5(19), p. 19 - 26)
Stay tuned for pictures from the seminar.

Life in Brazil continues...
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