Nice plans are taking shape

Well, the first three weeks of this trip are dedicated to work. On Friday-Saturday there is a nice symposium on complexity science and safety arranged by our friends at the university here and next week we are having the learning lab with Sidney Dekker and Jim Nyce. At the moment I am reading course literature to finish a course, that we have had running for some time now, on epistemology. Roel is doing the same.

However, we have also had to make up som plans for the two upcoming weeks of vacation. We had looong discussions yesterday at dinner about what we have time for and what days Eder and Betina can join us in nice trips and activities.

So the vacation-plans are at the somewhat like this: Maria arrives late on December 5 (jippie!). After giving Maria a couple of nights here in Porto Alegre we (me, Maria, Roel, Laura and Sidney's exchange student Tanja) take a trip to the national park Aparados da Serra which seems to be a terrific place for a couple of trekking days!

Obviously active trekking days needs to be contrasted by passive beach days. That need we will satisfy at the best beaches in Brazil (according to our hosts): Bombinhas. There we will go on December 10 and stay there as long as we find sunning, diving, relaxing, and surfing meaningful and nice (guess the time limit will rather be our flight home on December 17 or lack of money :-) )

There are voltures (gamar) soaring between the rooftops here.

Life in Brazil continues...


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