He passed!

After two and a half hours of struggling with the committees question, and another thirty minutes of waiting for the committees decision my friend and Brazilian host Eder Henriqson was yesterday evening declared Doctor with 4 A (=excellent!). Some pictures attached.

The celebration party took place at a nice pub downtown with a band playing U2's It's a beautiful day for Eder. 

Today we are back in class. Sidney has just left us to fly back to Sweden (where he will prepare his move to Brisbane, Australia) and the command has been taken by professor James Nyce. He is just about to begin our journey through the history of social science, introduced by polarizing social science using the different views of Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. Heavy stuff - Here we go!

Life in Brazil continues...

Eder presenting his work

Eder defending his work for the decision committee

Eder's supervisor Tarcisio annonces that Eder passed the dissertation

Sidney meeting Eder's parents

Sidney's present no 1: the book Lund and Learning

Sidney congratulating Eder. Look how happy Eder's wife Betina is!

Sidney's present no 2: A Macbook Air!


  1. Woohoo, many congrats Eder!

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