Barbecue - Brazilian style

Roel's photo of the Sunday dinner table in Eder and Betina's apartment

Just showing some pictures to introduce you to the Brazilian barbecues. Actually, as you can see, Eder and Betina have got an indoor barbecue in their living room (crazy!). The meat (as well as potatoes, sandwiches, and everything else that you intend to eat) is prepared on biiig skewers. So, how much meat are you supposed to eat? They calculate 500 g per person (for everyone - meaning that a 27 year old man is expected to eat about 1 kg of red meat) sausages excluded.

As Roel say: "It is not the favelas that kill you; it is the gauchos with their big-ass barbecues!"

Life in Brazil continues...

Throw the whole package in there! That's how they do it in Brazil.

Eder preparing meat

Potatoes, sausage, sandwiches, and below: meat


  1. ok, you just differentiated sausages from meat? what about meatballs, kåldolmar and biff a la lindström... considered as veggie-foods in Brazil?? ;-)

  2. They could not even spell such things out :-) I'm sure a vegetarian in Brazil (I doubt such a person exists) would consider sausage to be vegetables.


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